Directions and Advice for the Mystical Journey to Assateague Island


With its wild ponies and undeveloped beaches, Assateague Island has an irresistible charm. But just as important as the final goal is the trip to this magical place. It doesn’t matter how you get to Assateague—by car, ferry, or even on foot—the journey is filled with excitement and expectation. We walk you through the fastest ways to get to the island in this guide, along with some crucial travel advice to make sure your journey is both pleasant and enjoyable.

Directions to Assateague Island in Detail:

By Car:

Take US Route 113 south toward Snow Hill if you are coming from the north (such as Baltimore or Wilmington). After merging onto US Route 13 South, take the MD-376 exit in the direction of Stephen Decatur Park and Assateague Island.

From the West (such as from Washington, D.C., or Annapolis): Take US Route 50 east until it becomes MD-611 South. Directly leading to Assateague Island is MD-611.

Take US Route 13 North to MD-376 in Worcester County, then follow the signs to Assateague Island if you are coming from the south (such as Norfolk or Virginia Beach).

In a boat:

From Ocean City, there are numerous boat tours and private charter companies that offer journeys to Assateague Island. With this means of transportation, you may see the island from a distinctive angle from the ocean, frequently with the chance to see wildlife.

How far are major cities away?

9 miles from Ocean City, Maryland.

140 miles from Baltimore, Maryland.

Washington, D.C. is around 150 miles away.

100 miles from Norfolk, Virginia.

Travel Advice:

Verify the Assateague Island’s Vehicle Restrictions before traveling by car. This is especially true during certain times of the year. Prior to your journey, always check the most recent regulations.

A few toll roads lead to Assateague, so be prepared by having cash or a toll pass on available.

Keep an eye out for wildlife, especially wild horses. Keep a safe distance while admiring their beauty.

Travel Off-Peak: If at all feasible, schedule your trip for the weekdays or away from popular holiday weekends to avoid congested roads.

Question and Answer Section:

How is Assateague Island accessible?

Most people get to Assateague Island by car, using major highways such US Routes 50, 13, and MD-611. Furthermore, boat cruises from neighboring cities, particularly Ocean City, provide a beautiful path to the island.

Can I get to Assateague Island by car?

You can travel directly by car to Assateague Island, yes. However, make sure to be aware of any driving limitations, particularly if you intend to visit the beach or specific natural regions.

How far away from Ocean City is Assateague Island?

It is a quick and beautiful journey to Assateague Island from Ocean City, which is located about 9 miles away.


The journey itself is just as important as the destination when getting to Assateague Island. The journey becomes a part of the adventure as untamed beauty is promised around every bend and wild landscapes emerge. Make the most of your trip by being well-prepared with our advice and suggestions.

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