Accommodations on Assateague Island: From Camping to Luxury

With its wild horses and undeveloped beaches, Assateague Island is a popular travel destination. Whether you enjoy tough experiences or a little luxury, the correct lodging can improve your experience. We’ll look at different lodging alternatives in this guide, weigh their benefits and drawbacks, and offer advice to help you choose the right place for your trip.

Accommodation Styles


Positives: Cost-effective, different camping options (beach, forest, etc.), immersive experience.
Cons: Exposure to the elements, potential wildlife interactions, and preparation needed.
Price per night: $20 to $50.
Booking advice: Reserve far in advance, especially during busy times. Verify the permitted equipment and any limitations.
Inns and hotels

Positives: Comfy beds, extras like restaurants or swimming pools, and daily housekeeping.
Cons: Can seem less “connected” to nature and is more pricey than camping.
Price each night: between $80 to $300.
Look for package deals or off-season specials when making reservations. Reviews can be useful for determining the level of service.
Vacation rentals and Airbnb

Advantages: A homey atmosphere, the possibility of special accommodations (such beachfront homes), and kitchens are typically provided.
Cons: Quality can vary, and some may be located farther from desirable areas.
Price per night: $50 to $500+.
Booking advice: Always read the evaluations left by previous visitors, confirm the address, and discuss any specific requests with the hosts.

Luxurious lodging

Pros: Exquisite sites and vistas, first-rate service, and high-end amenities.
Cons: Most expensive option; may seem excessively “isolated” from the island’s natural feel.
Price per night is between $250 and $1000.
Booking Advice: Make your reservations well in advance, and take into account vacation packages that could include things like activities or meals.
A&A Is camping permitted on Assateague Island?
A: Definitely! Assateague Island is a great location for camping. There are sites available whether you want to bring an RV or pitch a tent. Just make sure to reserve early, especially during busy times.

Do hotels exist on Assateague Island?
A: There aren’t any hotels on Assateague Island itself, but there are plenty nearby, especially in the direction of Ocean City and Chincoteague. They provide a cozy place to stay just a short drive from the island.

What about Airbnb choices on Assateague Island?
A: While there are no Airbnb alternatives on the island itself, there are many Airbnb and other vacation rental possibilities in the nearby areas, such as Chincoteague and Ocean City, ranging from budget-friendly hotel rooms to opulent beachfront houses.


The ideal lodging for your vacation to Assateague Island will depend on your tastes, financial situation, and the type of experience you’re looking for. There is something for everyone, whether it is the unadulterated beauty of camping beneath the stars or the opulent amenities of a luxury resort. The devil is in the details, so always plan ahead, read reviews, and make sure you understand what you’re getting into. A spectacular stay on Assateague Island is in order!

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