The Assateague Lighthouse

The Assateague lighthouse, built in 1867, is a 142 foot brick tower with two 1000 wat lamps that provide a double flash every five seconds. The tower was repainted in the summer of 1997 by a Coast Guard Aids to Navigation team.

At its base, the lighthouse is 27 feet in diameter, and it is about 15 feet in diameter at the top. An internal spiral stairway leads up to the top.

The original 12-foot fresnel lens is currently being restored in the Chincoteague Oyster and Maritime Museum where it will remain on display when the project is completed.

Assateague Lighthouse Tours - 2009

All proceeds will help fund the restoration, preservation, & operation of the lighthouse.
Sponsored by the Chincoteague Natural History Association.

View photos from the Assateague Lighthouse.

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